About US

Our Strategy

Phoenix Company's objective is to achieve efficiency, profitable investments, and timely delivery. However, we also strive to maintain moral ethics while developing our projects in the modern world. Our company is different from traditional rigid organizations as we provide a healthy and energetic environment with qualified people in specialized disciplines. This drives us to set our criteria based on the most updated administration methods and international standards.

Phoenix Company's strategy is attributed to our most important asset - our members. Creating an atmosphere that not only attracts motivated employees but also improves their potential and motivation over time is our main reason for emphasizing the role of Human Resources in our company. Collaboration is feasible through various means such as remote-working and flexible working hours. This has helped align our members' performance with the company's goals and increased their efficiency as one unit.

The Middle East's most critical industrial and economic projects are based on oil and gas, which has created a competitive and advanced environment compared to other sectors. Therefore, Phoenix Oil and Gas Company is committed to implementing industrial projects with the highest quality and environmental standards. Our emphasis on these issues, combined with our employees' and members' expertise in this field, has enabled us to maintain optimal economic conditions with the highest environmental standards.

This organizational culture demonstrates our willingness to take on challenges and guarantees sustainable economic profit in the long term.